University of Cologne

Dr. Susanne Preuschoff
Head of Department “International Students & Global Responsibility”.

With my senior experience in higher education management, internationalization, intercultural communication and regional expertise, I serve as a key advisor for the Global Responsibility activities at the University of Cologne.

Global Responsibility at the UoC

Global Responsibility combines internationalization with third mission in order to spread and transfer the knowledge generated by the University of Cologne in our local, regional and global networks and contribute to global change. Global Responsibility expresses thereby an attitude, which defines the role and the motivation of a university to act globally. It emphazises that all actions have a global impact which every individual should be aware of. It is the task of a university to generate and spread knowledge in order to overcome outdated concepts and raise global awareness.  
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Over the years I have published various articles on Asia and SMEs, diversity management, intercultural competence and internationalization of universities.
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